The President of Bulgaria called on the government to resign

The President of Bulgaria rumen Radev supported the protesters and said that to solve the crisis held in the Cabinet reshuffle, it is necessary to hold early elections, and the government should resign, the statement said the office of the President.

Earlier it was reported that the people's Assembly (Parliament) of Bulgaria at its meeting on Friday approved changes in the government, headed by Boyko Borisov.

The press service of the President said that the Bulgarian leader called the changes "an attempt to buy time".

"You can see that Bulgaria woke up... We are going through some kind of purification, because after many years of lies and humiliation of Bulgarians say the truth openly, with courage and dignity," presented in the statement of the President's words.

It is noted that the head of state, speaking to journalists in Veliko-Tyrnovo, stressed that to help get out of the political crisis can only "dismiss the government, the Prosecutor General and for early elections".

"I'm on the side of the people and want to see a government that will be an example of legality and respect of the Constitution, and will not abhor them," said Radev.

The President, as the press service also emphasized that Bulgaria needs a government which will carry out reforms, to engage in modernization and integration into Europe.

In Bulgaria protests continue from July 9. They started in Sofia with thousands of actions in support of the President rumen Radeva, who in February said the loss of the government's trust.