Blame the Russians and the Chinese: America has kidnapped superpowers

A fresh study by the Cato Institute and YouGov showed that 62% of Americans are afraid to openly Express their political views. This figure rose from 2017, when fearing to speak of the Americans was only 58%.

From the point of view of our ideas about America it's pretty wild. After all, unconditional freedom of speech is an integral part of what we see as the American way of life.

But the whole thing is that for this concept — "the American way of life" between hostile camps in the USA now is a real war.

Thus, recently the head of the state Department Mike Pompeo said that "the American way of life attacked by the Marxist ideology." In promoting the latter, he was accused, in particular, the newspaper The New York Times.

Pompeo said that, "although America had periodically deviated from their core principles, they set the standard to recognize its mistakes and to move towards equality.