"Pushkin's a slaver". Why Zelensky also became Ukrainization

The party of former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has threatened mass protests "if the government still goes on about the revanchist Pro-Russian forces and allow an extraordinary session on the language issue". The indignation of the nationalists provoked a little put off Ukrainization of Russian-language schools. In the result, the Verkhovna Rada did not dare to accept this bill. Can we assume that the street shouted down the Parliament and makes Zelensky to do the same as its predecessor — versed RIA Novosti.

Nationalists with the slogan "do Not give to step on the Ukrainian language", "don't like the language — over in Rostov" held a meeting at walls of the Verkhovna Rada. They were indignant because of the document submitted to the Parliament Deputy of the faction "servant of the people" Maxim Buganski.

All he wanted was to adjust the legislation, according to which from September 1 all Russian-speaking students of 5-11 grades translate to "MOV". Although schools that teach in languages of the European Union, ukrainiziruyut gradually and only in 2023. And indigenous peoples, such as Crimean Tatars, can learn in their native language up to leaving certificate.

The law about the Ukrainization of schools adopted in January. It was already Pro, Zelensky led the state for eight months. But the new government continue its policy of Poroshenko.

In 2017, commenting on this law, the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe (Advisory body on constitutional law) said "less favorable attitude to the Russian," that "it is hard to justify, and this raises the question of discrimination."

Outraged and Ukraine's neighbors. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary péter Szijjártó said that Budapest will continue to put pressure on Kiev because of the Ukrainization of education. Budapest is ready to use its veto in NATO, as it is "the only tool capable to protect the Transcarpathian Hungarians".

In the spring of 2019, the Zelensky won the presidential election but before his inauguration remained in power Poroshenko. As a "gift" successor, he signed a law "On ensuring the functioning of Ukrainian as the state language".

By the way, 15 years ago, Poroshenko, as Secretary of the Council of national security and defense, by contrast, played for the Russian language. Remembered in the publication "Strenia". Then the next Ukrainization argued that the right to native language "issue including national security."

And during the election campaign of 2014, Poroshenko promised to "be guided by article 10 of the Constitution, which stresses in particular the rights of the Russian language and guarantees the free development of all languages". Even as President, he called the erroneous decision of the Verkhovna Rada on deprivation the Russian language regional status. However, the elections of 2019 Poroshenko came as an ardent and uncompromising nationalist slogan "Army. MOV. Faith."

Zelensky, on the eve of the second round of elections commented on the language issue very cautiously, "firstly, it is necessary to study deeply. Then I want to know the opinion of the society about this law."

But the hopes of many voters that Zelensky and his party will abolish the policy of Ukrainization did not materialize. The new government, virtually nothing has changed.

The leader of the "Opposition platform For life" Viktor Medvedchuk appealed to the President with an open letter: "You Russian-speaking people — do not do over itself effort, posing as someone else".

Supporters of Zelensky against Ukrainization was only the speaker of Parliament Dmitry Razumkov, saying that the law should be changed. In fact, he acknowledged that "movny the law" split the country.

"Any politician, especially in conditions of war and difficult situation in the state, should not think about how positively or negatively it will be perceived the words of the language, and to understand it will unite Ukrainian society or not," says the Razumkov.

But Rada didn't hear it and the amendment Bogunskogo ride. "My stance will not change. All laws should work for the benefit of the Ukrainian people. We must not listen to the voice of the street, and the voice of the people", — spoke again Razumkov.

"So, you're ***** (bitch. — Approx. ed.), calm or not?" — threw him in response, the Deputy from "European solidarity" Vladimir vyatrovich.

In General, Vyatrovych explained that it is necessary to struggle with Russian as a legacy of the past. In the social network, for example, he published an article titled "Russian language, Pushkin and Catherine the great — our monuments to the slave traders".

Ukrainian political analyst Andriy Zolotaryov notes that the "policy of the current government in the humanitarian field is a cosplay Poroshenko". "Like Romania in the interwar period, which occupied the territory of Bessarabia acted under the slogan "There are all Romanians, just a forgotten language." In Bucharest it was considered sufficient to justify the forcible rumanization. Unfortunately, Vladimir Alexandrovich Zelensky can't explain what the issue of language is about human rights. And ignoring the rights sooner or later leads to unpleasant consequences," warns the source.

On such a fertile subject, as resistance to Ukrainization, can play someone from politicians in local elections scheduled for fall. "And Poroshenko sees himself "Hetman", he wants to consolidate the nationalist electorate and thus repel all accusations of corruption. Russian Poroshenko, whose family speaks Russian, mobilizes itself around the "Patriotic" minority for the sake of political expediency. We all remember how he defended the Russian language. Hypocrisy in politics is the norm, but Poroshenko, if there was a competition for this quality, would sit in the jury," — says the analyst.

Verkhovna Rada Deputy of the fifth and sixth convocations Alexey Zhuravko explains the behavior Poroshenko: "He does not want to lose its stable electorate, which, frankly, is composed of Nazis and Russophobes. These are the people who support it for little money at any independence".

According Zhuravko, in the politics of Kiev in this direction, nothing will change, as Zelensky came under the influence of nationalists. Another factor is developments in the United States. A possible victory of the Democratic party, which supported Ukrainization Poroshenko not motivate the new government something to adjust. Therefore, the relations between official Kyiv with Russia and its Russian-speaking citizens will not improve and the truce in the Donbass will not come too soon.