Matvienko has told, who can recover damages for a state of emergency in Norilsk

The government promised to ensure that all damages for the accident in Norilsk was not damaged regional and municipal budgets, the damages may be recovered from the personal assets of shareholders or from other sources, but not from income tax, said the Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko.

"Let the government decide, it will be personal funds of shareholders "Norilsk Nickel" or other sources, but not at the expense of the profit tax", - she added.

One of the storage tanks of diesel fuel at TPP-3 (owned by JSC "NTEK", a member of the group Norilsk Nickel) Norilsk may 29 was damaged due to the subsidence of the supports of the Foundation, leads to about 21 thousand tons of fuel. Prosecuted, detained members of the CHP.

Rosprirodnadzor assessed the damage to the environment almost 148 billion rubles (about $ 2.1 billion). "Nornikel" did not agree with the method of calculation and stated that it will hold an independent examination.