Minnikhanov registered candidate on elections of the head of Tatarstan

The Central electoral Commission of Tatarstan on Friday registered the incumbent head of the region Rustam Minnikhanov as the candidate on elections of the head of the Republic, which will be held on September 13, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Each candidate in his support need to collect 387 signatures of deputies of municipal formations of the Republic. Minnikhanov gave the CEC the subscription lists in support of his nomination with 406 signatures of deputies of representative bodies of municipal formations. The Central election Commission after checking the reliability of the information acknowledged the signature is valid.

According to the CEC of the Republic, for the position of head of Tatarstan expect five people. As a candidate from the party "United Russia" nominated Minnikhanov. Regional branch of party "Fair Russia" has put forward the Chairman of the Council of the regional branch Almira Mikheev. From the regional branch of the party "Communists of Russia", the post of head of the Republic claims to be the first Secretary of the Republican Committee Alfred Valiev. Regional conference of the liberal democratic party has nominated a focal point of the Tatarstan branch of the party Vladimir Surilova. From the regional branch of the "party of Growth" documents filed Chairman of the Department Oleg Korobchenko.

The decision of the Parliament of the Republic elections of the head of Tatarstan will be held in a single voting day on September 13.