The Federation Council approved the law on multi-day voting

The Federation Council on Friday approved a law on multi-day voting in elections at all levels.

Now the format of multi-day voting in Russia will be distributed not only locally, but also in the Duma elections. According to the decision of an election Commission organizing elections, referendum, voting in elections (including repeat voting, repeat elections), referendums may be held for several days in a row, but no more than three. The counting of votes in this format of expression will begin immediately after the polls closed on the last day of voting.

The format of voting outside of the buildings of election commissions - on the local area - will remain a multi-day elections.

In addition, early voting and voting by absentee ballots will not be arrange in the case of elections or referendum in the Russian Federation within a few days.

The initiative regulates the recall of a member of the Commission: it is carried out according to a strictly defined procedure - a political party makes to the governing body which appointed the member of the Commission, a reasoned view on the opinion and proposal on the nomination of a new Board member. If proposals for new candidate no question about the recall of a member of the Commission will not be considered.

The law goes to the President for signature.