Estonia has received from the United States 92 Raytheon anti-tank missiles Javelin

The United States handed over to the Ministry of defence and the defence Forces of Estonia 92 anti-tank missiles Raytheon Javelin under the previously signed contract between the Centre for defence investments of the Estonian and the Pentagon, said on Friday the us Embassy in Tallinn.

"The cargo arrived of the 92 anti-tank missiles Raytheon Javelin is a continuation of the increasing defensive capabilities of Estonia, which will strengthen the strategic integration of our countries and ensure interoperability between allies and NATO partners," - said on the website of the Embassy of the United States.

In early April, Estonia has received from the US 128 Raytheon Javelin.

Delivery of the missiles are being funded under the program Building Partner Capacity from the U.S. European command. The Embassy notes that over the past few years the United States has provided Estonia with military aid worth more than $ 190 million.

Javelin is a so-called system of "fire and forget", allowing the operator after the missile launch to go into hiding or change of position, which increases the survival rate of the operator and the complex as a whole. The missile after the shot automatically zooms to a selected target, and the shooter after start-up does not have to track its flight through the scope to the hit, which increases the safety of the system operator on the battlefield.