In the state Duma is preparing a draft about the return of the licensing of veterinary clinics

The state Duma Committee on ecology and environment is preparing a bill on the return to Russia of the licensing of veterinary clinics, told RIA Novosti the head of the Committee Vladimir burmatov.

In June last year, Burmatov said that it is necessary to return to licensing of veterinary clinics, to eliminate the practice of operations and mutilated animals: remove the claws of an animal is by cutting off the phalanges of the fingers and the cutting or removal of vocal chords. A proposal, the MP has written to the Ministry of agriculture.

"We are preparing a draft law on licensing of veterinary activities, and the return of the licensing of the veterinary activities. Why, because there are a lot of charlatans. It is very criminalized activities because of this", - said Burmatov.

"We will go to the draft law in the autumn and will forward to the government official opinion", - said the head of the Committee.