The Ambassador hopes that the pandemic will not reduce the trade of Indonesia and Russia

The Ambassador of Indonesia in Russia hopes that the pandemic coronavirus infection does not reduce the trade turnover between the two countries.

"If we could reach the level (of trade – ed.) to $ 2.4 billion, that would be great. Last year it reached 2.45 billion," said Supriadi.

Supriadi said that Jakarta is committed to active cooperation with Moscow in several areas.

"First, cooperation in the framework (developing – ed.), vaccines (COVID-19 – ed.) and exchange of experience in the field of medicine. Secondly, strengthening cooperation through various ASEAN mechanisms. And third, the ways in which ASEAN and, in particular, Russia, can work together in the field of economic recovery," said Supriadi.

He noted that currently work is underway on a detailed strategic document which will define the development of cooperation between Russia and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) over the next five years. The Association includes Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.

The Ambassador also noted the cooperation between Moscow and Jakarta during a pandemic, highlighting the settlement of the question of the repatriation of citizens.

"Of course, we are very grateful to Russia for operations in Bali and the repatriation of our citizens," - said the Ambassador. He thanked the foreign Ministry for assistance in clarifying the issue regarding the status of visas to Indonesian citizens living in Russia.

Supriadi added that the issue of repatriation played a role in the effective communication between the various parties. "We had very effective communication with the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the Embassy in Jakarta, as well as "Aeroflot", - said the Ambassador.

In March Aeroflot organized a flight to Bali for the removal of the Russians.

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