Protection Babariko filed a complaint to the attorney General

Protection ex-the candidate on a post of the President of Belarus Victor Babariko filed a complaint to the General Prosecutor of the Republic on the newly obtained response of the head of Department of Prosecutor's office on the appeal of the prosecution, told RIA Novosti on Friday, one of the lawyers of the politician Alyaksandr pylchanka has.

"Yes, filed a complaint yesterday morning (to the Prosecutor General – ed.). Not satisfied with the reply of the head of Department (Prosecutor's office – ed.) who answered unmotivated," said pylchanka has. According to him, the prosecution also appealed.

He also said that the response of head of the Prosecutor were directed to the complaint of defenders, filed 7 Jul. According to pylchanka has, lawyers expect to get a response from the Prosecutor General's office in the near future.

Earlier, the lawyers of Babariko has filed several complaints to various authorities, including detention, to detention for a refusal to register a candidate for the presidency, but they remained unsatisfied.

Babariko is in the KGB jail as part of a major so-called "Belgazprombank". In June at the head office of the BGB, which for nearly 20 years headed Babariko, were searched. The state control Committee of the Republic said that the Bank acted organized criminal group, the conclusion of money abroad. Babariko and his son Eduard, who heads the campaign headquarters of his father, was arrested on 18 June. In total detained about 30 people, including top managers of the Bank. The investigation of the case entrusted to the KGB. Babariko Sr. is accused of tax evasion, which caused damage in especially large size, legalization of proceeds of crime and bribery.

Criminal "the case of Belgazprombank" coincided in Belarus since the presidential election campaign in which the candidate was nominated, Babariko. CEC at a meeting on 14 July refused registration. Elections for the highest office appointed in Belarus on 9 August.