Indonesia remains committed to the deal for su-35, said the Ambassador

Jakarta remains committed to the contract from 2018 to supply su-35, despite the threat of US sanctions, said RIA Novosti, the Ambassador of Indonesia in Russia Mr. Mohammad Wahid Supriadi.

Previously, the Agency Bloomberg with reference to sources reported that the administration of U.S. President Donald trump has forced Indonesia to abandon the deal. The amount of the signed in 2018, a contract that more than a billion dollars, it provides for the supply of 11 fighters.

According to the Ambassador, the deal is still in force. "It's still ongoing," said Supriadi on the question of the status of the transaction.

The Ambassador also noted that, as an independent country, Indonesia has the right to acquire military equipment from whoever you want.

"We understand that there is some concern among certain countries, but we are an independent country. We have military equipment procured in many countries. We can get it from USA, from Europe but also from Russia. It is up to us to decide," the Ambassador said.