In Japan have arrested two doctors on suspicion of carrying out euthanasia

Two doctors arrested in Japan, they suspected that they had carried out euthanasia, the patient, informs television channel NHK.

Clarifies that police have arrested two doctors on suspicion that they helped to escape from life the woman with ALS – amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, accompanied by progressive paralysis and muscle atrophy. The woman who allegedly found doctors via social media and asked me to help her to escape from life. Video cameras recorded their arrival to her apartment, where she was later found. In hospital death was recorded, and the autopsy found the drugs she is usually not taken.

Complemented by a that the disease in women are discovered by accident 10 years ago, when she was crossing the street and sprained my ankle. The disease progressed to the point of death she was almost completely paralyzed - could only eye movements to indicate letters and to communicate with the outside world.

In Japan, de facto, allowed passive euthanasia is when the patient or his relatives agree not to resort to intensive care to sustain life if the recovery is deemed impossible. Active euthanasia is classed as attempted murder or assisting in suicide. Japan has been known for eight cases like this. Two of them were charged in court and convicted.