The Central Bank revoked the license of the Bank "Neutralinos"

Central Bank of the Russian Federation from July 24, withdrew the license for banking operations of the Bank, "Neutralinos" (Saint Petersburg), says the message of the regulator.

The CBR made this decision on the grounds that the Bank had committed violations of legislation in the field of counteraction of legalization of incomes, received by criminal way and financing of terrorism, and also held the dubious transit operations related to the "shadow" and selling businesses cash receipts.

The regulator notes that the Bank's activity was pronounced captive in nature. A significant proportion of the corporate loan portfolio was accounted for by legal entities related to its main owner. With more than 70% of the loan portfolio was of poor quality loans.

By total assets, according to Central Bank data, the Bank of July 1, 349 took place in the banking system of the Russian Federation.