In India recorded 49,3 thousand new cases COVID-19

The number of identified cases of infection with coronavirus in India per day increased by more than 49,3 thousand, the total number of infected is 1 287 945, according to the Ministry of health and family welfare.

India is in third place in the world in the number of cases of coronavirus. According to recent reports, the treatment in the country are 440 135 people, recovered 817 208 (64 159 per night), died 30 601 (740 per day).

On Thursday it was reported 1 238 635 cases (a gain for the day amounted to more than 45.7 thousand), the previous day - about 1 192 915 cases (a gain for the day amounted to more than 37,7 thousand).

The most affected state of Maharashtra in the center of the country, which recorded the highest in India, the number of cases – 347 502 (9 895 per day). In second place is Tamilnadu: 192 964 cases (6 of 472 per day). The third place is capital territory of Delhi, which revealed 127 364 cases (1 041 per day).

The greatest increase in cases over the past day marked in five States - Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh (7 998 new cases), Tamil Nadu, Karnataka (5030) and Uttar Pradesh (2516 cases).

World health organization March 11 announced the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 pandemic. According to the latest who data, the world identified more than 15 million cases of infection, over 650 thousand people died.

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