Posted a video of the interception of an Iranian airliner by American fighter

In a Network there was video of the incident with the American fighters and an Iranian passenger airliner.

On the eve of the F-15 aircraft, the U.S. air force was dangerously close to Board a Mahan Air in the area of al-TANF on the Syrian territory, where the us troops (Damascus has not authorized their presence in the country).

The pilot of a passenger vessel tried to leave from collision, causing several people injured. The plane landed in Beirut, landed passengers, refueled, and then returned to Tehran.

The Pentagon said that "professional interception was conducted in accordance with international standards". After the pilot of the F-15 identified the aircraft as a passenger aircraft, the fighter moved away to a safe distance, said the Agency.

The Iranian foreign Ministry said that the authorities are studying the circumstances of the incident. In Tehran said that they would take necessary political and legal measures, as soon as we receive additional information.