The head of "Russian Helicopters" called the purpose of Association of Mil and Kamov

The main purpose of Association of design Bureau of Mil and Kamov in the national center helicopter (NCV) is the rebalancing of capacity and improvement of the quality of design documentation, informed RIA Novosti the General Director of holding "Helicopters of Russia" (included in rostec) Andrey Boginsky.

"Previously, it was as ordered work on the specifics of the "Mile", the "Kamov", but sometimes that is the job of the "Mile", but no "Kamov" and Vice versa. For example, research "Speed" develops, but the order yet. While work continues on a new coaxial machine at the Ka-52M, plus Ka-52K for our helicopter. That is, knowzy uploaded today," said Boginsky.

Therefore, he said, the main objective of the creation of the NCV is the rebalancing of capacity, development of unified requirements to the staff, and the second issue is improving the quality of design documentation to ensure the process of putting the serial factory the first time.

"Plus, there is a demand from young professionals that they are at an earlier stage been involved in any serious work. These tasks are now solved, so that employees at different levels feel supported by leadership and their involvement in the process. In return, we demand high qualifications and quality of work", - said CEO of the holding.

According to the website of the holding "national center helicopter them. Mil and N.And.Kamov" combines leading design and engineering capabilities "Helicopters of Russia". The company specializiruetsya on experimental design and research work, has been designing, building and testing of prototype helicopters. For these purposes on the territory of the NCV function pilot production, advanced research complex, engineering innovation center, and unique flight-test base.

JSC "NCV Miles and Kamov" is the official developer and holder of certificates of helicopters marks "Mi" and "Ka". In the composition of the NCV are two design bureaus, continuing the traditions established by outstanding local designers – Mikhail Leontyevich mil and Nikolai Kamov.