In Yakutia have extended the restrictive measures due to coronavirus

Restrictive measures due to coronavirus in Yakutia extended until July 31, said the head of Aysen Nikolaev at the daily briefing of operational staff.

According to him, the total number of cases of coronavirus in the region has reached 5 424 people. Per day increased 49 infected COVID-19, 39 in Yakutsk.

The Republic's authorities control visits by children to areas on the account set 006 12 children. Cases of infection of children with coronavirus in the districts have become smaller.

The epidemiological situation in Yakutsk began to change for the better, however, risks arose in the industrial areas of the Republic, Mirny and Neryungri.

Earlier it was reported that the regime of restrictive measures of coronavirus extended in Yakutia on July 24. From July 2 began the second phase of the lifting of restrictions, however, there is still a mask mode, not removed the ban on public activities, cinemas and public catering organizations.

Due to the situation of the coronavirus, the authorities planned from July 15 to announce the third phase of easing restrictions. Later the decree of the head of the Republic of restrictive measures extended to 24 July.

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