The refugee said that the militants demanded money for his release from the camps er-Rukman

Syrian refugee Dorsi Diana al-Ali, who along with his family managed to leave the camp er-Ruban on the Syrian-Jordanian border, said that the militants are demanding money from its residents to give them out.

He added that in er Rogbane the harsh conditions for refugees and residents would like to leave. "We fled to the camp of er-Rukman when Palmyra was captured by the members of the terrorist group "Islamic state."* The standard of living there was just awful, we survived only due to humanitarian assistance. Lived in a tent in the rainy season, it was very difficult. We were there for almost three years," he said.

Camp er-Rukman emerged on the Syrian-Jordanian border in 2014 after Amman closed the border because of fears about security. The area controlled by illegal armed groups from the camp there was a severe humanitarian situation.

Thanks to the efforts of Moscow and Damascus the situation in the camp, in the territory of occupied U.S. zone of al-TANF in the past year managed to move from a dead point and to withdraw more than 19 thousand refugees. However, regional UN agencies under various pretexts, delayed the implementation of the plan to evacuate the remaining residents of al-Ruksana.

*A terrorist group banned in Russia.