Not only the lungs. The doctor warned about the consequences COVID-19

After suffering a coronavirus infection patients may face several long-term disorders in the body, including cardiovascular disease, endocrine and psycho-neurological consequences, told RT the head of the Department of medical rehabilitation sechenovskiy University Konstantin thorns.

"COVID-19, as ordinary pneumonia, when you were ill, got up and went further. Often the disease is associated with severe intoxication and fever, which is not reduced. All this is a huge loss for health," he explained.

According to the nurse, when damage to the lungs after viral pneumonia is a possibility to reduce scarring of the organ, however, the compensation amount of light is not possible more than ten percent. He warned that the measures against scarring of the lung must be taken as quickly as possible.

"The scar is a tissue that grows during the year. It is necessary to promptly act. After a year it becomes white and hard, with him nothing more can be done. On the skin it can be cut, and in the lungs — no," added thorn.

Problems after infection possible with other bodies that have receptors for the coronavirus, pancreas, heart, testicle tissue. While the number of such receptors in the first place are not easy, although it was pulmonary pneumonia and is the most critical manifestation of the disease.

The doctor also told how COVID-19 is associated with endocrine disorders.

"Much worse for diabetes. Due to infection often manifest symptoms of diabetes of the second type. There is a direct lesion of the pancreas. Indirectly, that is through the same mikrotromboza may damage various organs. Through cardiotoksicnae drugs, using antibiotics is the effect on the kidney, liver," said Ternovoy.

Among mental and neurologic disorders he called depression, apathy and asthenic syndrome, and posttraumatic stress disorder. The doctor reminded that the disease is also associated with social problems.

"Even if nobody died, you have to be optimistic to enjoy life after a month stay in a serious condition under the influence of a large number of drugs," concluded the doctor.

During the entire period of the pandemic in Russia has identified about 795 thousand cases COVID-19, 12 892 people died, more than 580 thousand recovered.

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