In Syria, the fighter said, who is fighting the rebel groups

Former militants of banned terrorist organizations "Islamic state"* (IG*) and "Dzhebhat EN-Nusra"* accepted to the ranks of the rebel group "Mahavir as-Saura" said Hassan Abdul atra, introduced himself as a former fighter of this group and surrendered to the Syrian government army.

He said that he had escaped from the ranks of the group, which is based in the area of al-TANF in Syria, where the US military base.

According to him, "Mahavir as-Saura" funded by the U.S., and its fighters trained with American-made weapons.

"Every soldier held a 15-day training - taught to handle different kinds of weapons. I almost immediately identified the gunners - was taught to shoot from an American machine gun 50-caliber, which is mounted on the pickups... the Americans give the commander Muhammad Attali the money he personally distributes in the group," said a former member of the illegal formation.

He also said that the militants "Mahavir as-Saura" appropriated the humanitarian aid sent for refugees in the camp of "Ruban".

According to him, he was a witness of how the US military stopped humanitarian supplies for refugees. "There were cases when Americans stopped humanitarian aid. And you said that it was done by the Russians," he said.

He also said that the men in the group intimidated the us military militants "Mahavir as-Saura", so they tried to surrender to the Syrian authorities.

"When a couple of months ago there was a mass escape from 27 fighters with weapons and cars moved to the side of the government, the Americans gave the information that these people Damascus immediately put in prison. But I still decided to escape. And when he fled, on the side contacted with the fugitives. It turned out that they are fine, they are free, they help them return to normal life. Very surprised, after all, the Americans gave very different information," said Abdul atra.

*Terrorist organizations, banned in Russia.