In Primorye, the Asiatic black bear stealing honey from the hive, came in the video

Scientists of the national Park "Land of leopard" in Primorye received a rare video with camera traps, which Himalayan black bear ravages a beehive, extracting wild honey, according to the institution.

On the Youtube channel of the national Park posted a video of a bear sitting on a tree branch, claws tears off the bark and paws gets into the hollow.

The Department of science fgbi "Land of leopard" Gleb Sedas notes that for the sake of the honey Asiatic black bears often climb trees – it is not special for them work.

"Himalayan bears spend considerable time in the trees and even "nest" – while feeding the fruits of twisted branches and shoved them under him for convenience," added Sedas, whose words are reported.

The representative of the national Park explained to RIA Novosti that bear video – adult.

The main part of the habitat of the Himalayan bear is South-East Asia. These animals feed on trees and escape from the midges, and in the hollows den.

The national Park "Land of leopard" is the habitat of the rarest large cats in the world - the Amur leopard. These carnivores live only in southwest Primorsky Krai, and on a small area of China bordering Russia, and probably North Korea. The bulk of the population lives in the national Park. In 2019 there were 97 adult individuals, eight individuals more than the previous year.