The premiere of the blockbuster "Mulan" postponed indefinitely

Premiere of Hollywood blockbuster "Mulan" postponed indefinitely, the estimated date of the release of the new series of "Star wars" and "Avatar" are shifted by a year, reports CNBC with reference to the film Studio the Walt Disney Company.

Earlier, the Studio announced that the action-adventure film Niki Caro's "Mulan" will be released in Russian cinemas on August 20.

According to the channel, the film "Mulan" returned to the previous status, which means that its premiere is postponed indefinitely, and the release date on the screen three films of the franchise "Star wars" and four series of sequels to "Avatar," joined for a year.

Previously, the company Warner Bros. moved scheduled for August premiere of the new film of Christopher Nolan's "Argument".

In the film, issued by the Emperor of China's decree on conscription for service in the Imperial army one man from every family to defend the country from the Northern invaders, inspiring the main character Mulan, the eldest daughter of the honorable warrior, to take the army in place of his ailing father. Disguised as a man, the girl is being tested at every step, showing their inner strength and true potential. Starring: Ufa Liu, Donnie Yen, Jason Scott Lee, Jason Anh, as well as Gong Li and jet Li.