UN Secretary General urges to respect fully the agreements on Donbass

UN Secretary-General calls on the parties to the conflict in Ukraine to fully respect the agreements reached by the contact group on Wednesday, the statement of the official representative of the Secretary General Stefan Dujarric.

The contact group on Wednesday agreed to additional measures to secure truce in the Donbass. They include a ban on offensive and sabotage actions, the fire, including sniper, the placement of weapons in the settlements and disciplinary liability for violation of the ceasefire. The foreign Ministry of the DPR said that the orders to cease fire, containing measures to maintain the truce, due to come into effect from July 27 until the full settlement of the conflict.

"The Secretary-General takes note of the agreements reached during yesterday's meeting of the Trilateral contact group on additional measures aimed at ensuring inclusive, sustainable and unlimited ceasefire in the East of Ukraine. He called on all parties to respect fully the agreed conditions and to focus on the protection of civilians that continue to suffer most from the continuing fighting" - said Dyuzharrik.

The Ukrainian authorities in April 2014 began a military operation against the breakaway LC and the DNI, which declared independence after a coup in Ukraine in February 2014. According to the latest UN victims of the conflict were about 13 thousand people.

The settlement of the situation in the Donbass is discussed, including during meetings in Minsk the contact group, which from September 2014 adopted three documents regulating the steps to de-escalate the conflict. However, after the armistice agreements between the parties to the conflict continue shooting.