In England becomes compulsory wearing of masks in stores

The wearing of masks covering the mouth and nose, for shoppers in England from Friday will be mandatory, violators will be issued fines.

According to the new to combat the spread of coronavirus to the rules, anyone who tries from 24 July to enter the store without a mask, may not be allowed on the sales floor. In the event of buyer's failure to wear a mask store employees can call the police who will ask the violator to comply with the rules, and in the case of a categorical refusal to issue a fine.

The new rules will apply to supermarkets, stores, shops, shopping centers, banks, post offices, and working at a takeaway café. Similar measures apply in public transport.

Not to wear masks in the store, only children up to 11 years old and people with certain diseases, including asthmatics.

Masks not required in restaurants, cafes, and hairdressers, beauty salons, gyms, cinemas, concert halls and theaters (they are still closed, but will open up after August 1). However, for example, hairdressing and beauty salons often ask clients to wear masks and not remove them during the procedures, of course, if the procedures allow it.

Announcing the innovation, the health Minister Matt Hancock reminded that the wearing of masks does not negate other measures to protect against the virus: frequent and thorough hand washing and compliance with social distance. According to the government, the wearing of masks is one of the conditions, allowing to continue to cancel the quarantine restrictions. Britain was one of the last countries to recognize the use of masks to combat the pandemic.

The new rules will apply to the territory of England, in other regions the decision on measures to combat coronavirus accepted by local authorities.

The number of identified cases COVID-19 in the UK more than 297 thousand, the number of deaths, according to the 16 July (now being revised method of counting the dead and the new figures are therefore not published), the country registered more than 45 thousand deaths from COVID-19.

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