Media reported the details of the escape of Carlos Ghosn

The son of former President of the automaker Nissan Carlos Ghosn paid 500 thousand dollars for the escape of his father from Japan, reports Bloomberg, citing the Federal Prosecutor's office of the United States.

According to the statement, Anthony gon turned 500 thousand dollars into cryptocurrency Peter Taylor, the son of an American commando by Michael Taylor. The translation was made after Carlos Ghosn took off from Japan on a private jet in a drawer for musical instruments.

Previously, the Agency Reuters with reference to the materials of the case reported that the Hong elder turned 862 thousands of dollars to the accounts of the company Promote Fox LLC, which is managed by Peter Taylor. Therefore, according to prosecutors, the family of Taylors in total received 1.36 million dollars.

Peter Taylor and his father Michael was arrested in the US in may and could be extradited to Japan. U.S. prosecutors provided details of the payments from the son of Carlos Ghosn after the Taylors tried a third time to seek his release on bail. According to the Prosecutor, they received such a generous reward from the family of the Rut that now I can flee the country.

In the spring of 2019 Gon was released from prison under recognizance not to leave. At the end of last year revealed that he managed to escape from Japan, through Turkey to Lebanon on a private plane, presumably in a box for transportation of musical equipment.