Israel refused to comment on the incident with Iranian plane

The Israeli army has not commented on reports of foreign media, reported RIA of news in army a press-service regarding the incident with the Iranian passenger plane, flying to Lebanon.

"We do not comment on reports in foreign media", - reported in a press-service of the army on the request of RIA Novosti.

Earlier it was reported about the convergence of fighters with Iranian passenger plane of the airline Mahan Air, flying from Tehran to Beirut. Initially it was reported that the fighter jets intercepted an Iranian passenger plane, could be Israeli, then broadcaster IRIB, citing data from the flight crew announced that we are talking about American fighters.

Iranian media first reported that several people were injured when the pilot of the plane tried to leave from collision with the fighters. In turn, the head of the Lebanese red cross, George katana told television channel al-Jadid, among the passengers wounded.

A passenger plane landed in Beirut, and then flew to Tehran, noted by the media.