Season or no season, when you can buy watermelons?

Traditionally, summer starts with strawberries and cherries, and ends with watermelons. However, the melons have appeared on the shelves of markets. Should we be afraid of these early Arbuzov, told radio Sputnik agronomist Elizaveta Tikhonova.

It is believed that the correct watermelons are ripe by mid-August. At this time, in cities there are specialized cells-tents, where they are sold. However, in some places, melons are found now. And many fear that there are not watermelons, that they are thoroughly nitrate. People believe that berries specifically "cut away" chemicals to hurry them to grow and sell. But this method — the death of a watermelon, says agronomist Elizaveta Tikhonova.

"In mass cultivation of watermelons to use nitrates difficult. Like to say that "kolyat watermelons". Stabbing with nitrates is not possible, the watermelon dies. Even if you enter them through the root system. These substances are needed by the leaves and fruit they will not go. The only place they can appear, it is in the skin, but it and so nobody eats," he told radio Sputnik Tikhonov.

Those nitrates in watermelon are not afraid, another concern is the maturity of the fruit. Is it possible to buy those melons that are already available?