In the United States reported the main topic of the talks with Russia in Vienna

Question about deploying anti-satellite weapons will be the main on the negotiations with Russia on strategic stability in Vienna, said the U.S. special envoy Marshall Billingsley.

Recording he put the message Space command of the United States, in which Russia was accused of conducting anti-satellite weapons tests.

Previously, the space command, the U.S. said it has evidence that Russia held a "non-destructive testing anti-satellite space weapons". According to American data, July 15, from the Sputnik "Kosmos-2543" separated other object in the directory Space command of the United States is identified by a number 45915.

On the website spacetrack.org - the dedicated website of the U.S. air force, which provides open information object 45915 given special attention. The information that 18 squadron space surveillance USAF tracking an object in orbit, located in the upper part of the site. There you can obtain information about its location.

As stated by the us military, the launch of the "object" was held next to another Russian satellite. It is noted that these tests are similar to the situation in 2017 and is not similar to testing of the satellite inspector.

The fifteenth of July, the Ministry of defense of Russia really said about the testing of the latest small satellite inspector, with which close-range surveyed other domestic apparatus. The situation in 2017, the U.S. military remembered in connection with the launch in June of the same year the Russian satellite platform "Space-2519", which in August separated the small space vehicle. In the catalog of the U.S. air force's second satellite named "Kosmos-2521".