The court announced the results of the DNA test of the son of decl

The Basmanny court of Moscow has announced the results of the DNA test of the son of the widow of rapper decl (Kirill Tolmatsky), Yulia Kiseleva, reports StarHit.

It is noted that initially Kiselev did not specify Tolmatsky in the column "father" in the birth certificate of the child, the woman had to file a lawsuit against FIU, who refused to pay her social security pension survivor benefits after the death of the musician.

It is also reported that the father decl Tolmatsky Alexander allegedly also questioned the origin of the grandson, therefore, insisted on a DNA test, refused to make the child's mother. Later she agreed to the procedure to obtain social benefits and to recognize the boy heir to the rapper. The results confirmed the paternity of decl, and on their basis the court officially recognized his son the heir apparent.

In an interview with RBC Alexander Tolmatsky said that, in addition to grandson, heirs of the first stage are he and his ex-wife. Also, he added, He left no property and a property that could be inherited.

Cyril Tolmatsky died 4 Feb 2019 at the age of 35 years. The artist became ill after a concert in Izhevsk. Cause of death was cardiac arrest.