Pompeo said that China is repeating the mistakes of the USSR

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo expressed confidence that the US will win in the confrontation with China, because it repeats the mistakes of the USSR.

The Secretary acknowledged that unlike the Soviet Union China is "deeply integrated into the world economy," but noted that "Beijing depends more on us than we from them."

"We are not talking about deterrence. We are talking about the complex new challenge that we haven't seen before: the Soviet Union was cut off from the free world. Communist China is already in our limits," added Pompeo.

Pompeo also outlined the main principle on the basis of which needs now to build relations with China. "The President (of the United States Ronald) Reagan talked to the Soviets based on the principle of "Trust but verify". When it comes to PDA, I say: "never trust and verify", he said.