In the United States are investigating alleged consumer fraud by the Apple

Texas and some U.S. States conduct a preliminary investigation into alleged deception on the part of Apple, according to Axios, citing Texas attorney General's office.

In a document dated March 27, the attorney General of Texas Ken Paxton writes that the division of consumer protection of his office "initiated this investigation in order to ensure compliance of the law -- in case of discovery abuse, the division will begin the judicial process."

What kind of abuse have become the subject of an investigation, not reported. The document also does not specify which States, besides Texas, are taking part in the test.

In June 2019, the judicial Committee of the house of representatives of the USA informed that will verify the compliance with antitrust laws in digital markets. A number of American media reported that the antitrust investigation will also affect Apple.

Apple, founded in 1976, has been producing personal and tablet computers, audioplayers, phones, smartwatches and software.