The U.S. justice Department began investigating the actions of the security forces in Portland

The office of inspector General (OIG) of the U.S. Department of justice launched an investigation of actions of staff of the Ministry during the suppression of the riots in Washington and Portland (Oregon), according to OIG.

"In response to the queries of Congress, the complaints received by OIG, and an indication of the US attorney in the Oregon office of inspector General of the Ministry of justice (OIG) began investigating allegations of the use of force involving law enforcement officers of the Ministry of justice in Portland, Oregon, in July 2020. The Ministry of justice will coordinate our investigation with the Ministry of internal security", - stated in the message Department.

In addition, indicated that in response to requests from members of Congress and members of the public, the Ministry of justice initiates an investigation into the role and responsibilities of the Ministry of justice and its law enforcement units to respond to protests and riots in Washington and Portland in the previous two months.

The investigation will examine what coaching took employees as they complied with the requirements of identity, that is, whether they wore the insignia, as used ammunition and special means in the suppression of the riots.

Previously, a number of Democrats in the house of representatives of the us Congress asked the General inspectors of the Ministry of justice and Ministry of internal security to carry out an inspection in relation to the actions of these agencies during the dispersal of riots in Portland, where protests have continued nearly two months. In addition, Senate Democrats have prepared a bill, which intended to limit the powers of Federal law enforcement.

In late may - early June in U.S. cities have been mass protests and unrest after an African-American George Floyd died during the arrest of a white policeman. Local demonstrations continue until now. Mentioned in the statement of the inspector of the Ministry of justice event in Washington occurred on June 1, when police used rubber bullets and tear gas to push back protesters from Lafayette Park near the White house. After that through the square, was the President Donald trump, who made a short statement to the press. Opponents of the head of state claim that the protest was peaceful, and the actions of the security forces is unfounded. In the US administration argue the opposite.