"Avito" and "Yula" denied reports about the leak of user data

The new Internet database with information about users of online services for ad placement "Avito" and "Yula" contain only public information about any leakage of personal data of the question, said RIA Novosti in the press service of services.

Earlier on Thursday the newspaper "Kommersant" wrote that he found on one of the hacker forums in open access databases with personal data of about 600 thousand users of the site announcements "Avito" and "Yula", which allegedly contains, among other things, addresses, and phone numbers. According to the newspaper, the catalogue consists of six files (three of them — base "Avito", three — "Yuly"), each of which contains about 100 thousand lines with the region, the user's phone number, address, category of goods, which he exposed for sale, and time zone.

The press service of the services said that the files contain only public information.

"We've checked all three parts of the base, each of them contains 100 thousand unique records. No passwords (or their hashes), neither e-mail nor any other privileged information we found. Thus, the base consists entirely of public information, which is available on our website and can be collected by parsing. About any data breach and speech does not go", - said the press service of "Avito".

"Posted files do not contain personal data of the user "Yuly". They include only information that anyone could get directly from the website or sparkiv (copy from scripts) ads," he assured in a press-service "Yuly".

They also stressed that "whirligig" is extremely attentive to its users ' security and safekeeping of their data. "We do not disclose information about the addresses from the ads even when parsing (and it shows in the file) and enable our users to completely hide their phone numbers, receive calls only through the service application," said the company.