Lukashevich commented on the attack on journalists of the First channel in the United States

Russia's permanent representative to the OSCE Alexander Lukashevich on Thursday called unacceptable the attack on the American police on the film crew of the First channel in Portland and urged Washington to ensure the proper attitude towards journalists in accordance with international obligations.

Earlier, Russian journalists were attacked by American police while covering protests in Portland. They filmed a report about the riots, which was besieged by the local court. The building housed the Federal law enforcement forces entered the city, despite the dissatisfaction of the local authorities. Both attacked the journalist was with the badges with the inscription "Press".

"We consider unacceptable the deliberate aggressive actions by American law enforcement agencies against members of the press. Required from the American authorities to ensure the proper attitude towards journalists in accordance with international obligations in the field of human rights and freedom of the media," - said Lukashevich at a meeting of the OSCE permanent Council.

According to him, the current crisis in the organization, when the post of the representative on freedom of the media remains vacant, the States parties have a special responsibility for ensuring the rights of reporters.

"In this regard, I would like to remind my American colleagues about the important messages inherent in the Milan decision of the OSCE Ministerial Council on the safety of journalists, and to encourage them with seriousness and responsibility to ensure favourable conditions for professional activities of representatives of the media and measures for their protection," - concluded the Ambassador.