In the Kaliningrad region found fragments of the T-34

Kaliningrad searchers have found the place of death and fragments of the T-34, shot down in April 1945, and established the names of all crew members of combat vehicles, told reporters the head of the regional public organization of search engines "Conscience" Ruslan Khisamov.

"Continuing the search operation in the framework of the project "Historical Memory" we were able to detect the place of death of the crew of the T-34-85 of the first battalion of the 28th guards tank brigade. The tank was hit in battle 14.04.1945 year in the district of Lublin village of Zelenograd district of Kaliningrad region (former Seerappen)," said Khisamov.

He noted that the searchers found fragmented remains and charred fragments of the ammunition tank, two mangled by the explosion of the sign "Guard", the order "Red Star". The number of the order managed to establish the winners - gunner-radio operator T-34-85 guard staff Sergeant Ivan Evgrafovich Mikhailov. The result of archival work, the names of all crew members.

"The names of the characters helped to establish the colleagues from Kroo "Mandate" under the leadership of Dmitry Vostrikova. In the excavation took a personal interest and helping to find relatives, colleagues in search of the "lost news" from Moscow", - said Khisamov.

Modern Kaliningrad region is located on the territory of the former German province of East Prussia. At the final stage of the great Patriotic war here were the East Prussian offensive of the Soviet troops, during which the red army occupied East Prussia and liberated the Northern part of Poland. After the Second world war, at the Potsdam conference of the allies, a large part of East Prussia became part of Poland, a third of the territory, with its capital Konigsberg joined the Union.