In the Voronezh region have extended the regime of self-isolation

Authorities in Voronezh region have extended until further notice introduced in the region due to the spread of the coronavirus mode of self-isolation, when it abolished the compulsory isolation for people over 65, according to the regional government.

In the Voronezh region in March introduced the mode of increased readiness because of the coronaviruses and the mode of universal isolation. The restrictive measures were extended until the end of may, and may 12, in the region entered mask mode. Authorities 20 may announced the first stage of the Voronezh region from regime of restrictions planned in early June to begin the second phase, however, the region began the growing number of cases per day. As a result, the mode of isolation was extended through June 14, then it has been extended several times, the last date up to July 26.

"From July 27 abolished the mandatory isolation for people over 65. Employers are recommended for this category of workers, as well as for those with disease risk, to provide remote work or enter shift schedule... the common Mode isolation is extended until further instructions", - stated in the message.

In addition, in the field are permitted to attend professional sporting events in the stadiums during their occupancy of not more than 10% of the overall capacity, in compliance with the distance and all the other security measures. July 23 fitness centres and sports facilities are allowed to operate at one-time load of not more than 50% of their bandwidth (was previously allowed populating not more than 25%). It is also possible to carry out physical and sports activities without the involvement of the audience, in particular the competition of the TRP.

In the Voronezh region was 10 436 cases of coronavirus infection. Recovered 9 943 patient died 88.

The number of cases of the Voronezh region takes the third place in the CFA. In the region since the beginning of June there was a daily increase in the number of cases COVID-19. 1 through June 7 in the region of six times the daily number of recorded cases of coronavirus exceeded 100. From 8 to 17 June in the Voronezh region daily recorded more than 200 cases COVID-19. From 22 June, this figure began to decline, and on July 21, logged a minimum of 100 new cases per day.

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