In the Czech Republic in the zoo has a aquarium where the fish swim along with a plastic

Zoo in the Czech Brno was opened in the aquarium with exotic fishes from the tropical seas of Southeast Asia and Africa floating plastic trash, according to Europulse.

The zoo management believes the aquarium "realistic" and wants to use it to show how much people affect the lives of neighbors on the planet.

With spotted eagle rays and fish-swallows in the aquarium are combined with plastic bottles, disposable cups and plastic bags.

The inhabitants chosen today it is rivers of Asia and Africa are the most plastic debris into the oceans.

Among the sources of contamination of household plastics being the most common. It can persist on the seafloor for more than 20 years, almost decaying.

To reduce the volume of such waste, the European Union banned the sale of 10 kinds of disposable products. By 2030, all plastic packaging and more than half of all plastic in the EU must be recycled.