Panic in the United States: "little green men" captured the American city

Us media terrified of what is happening in some cities of the United States. It is significant that they are not disturbed by the mass protests, killed the guards, burned the stores and gas stations, as well as the mass riots and use of violence. No, they are worried and afraid to a nervous TIC so-called green men — heavily armed security forces without insignia who appeared in these cities and have already begun to hold (and to take away in an unknown direction), the most active participants of the clashes, robberies and attempted capture of the Federal agencies.

Representatives of the media community and supporters of the Democratic party accurately identified the source of the problem: according to their estimates, all over again (albeit indirectly) to blame the President of Russia, which Donald trump allegedly borrowed the tactics of "little green men" against political opponents. This is not a metaphor and not an exaggeration, but a dry statement of the real media hysteria, in which the US President is accused of unleashing a military aggression against specific American cities and States, whose leadership is in the Democratic party and strongly supports the mass actions of political violence that have almost two months to shake America.

"President Donald trump send "big wave" of Federal law enforcement agencies in U.S. cities to quell crime. Chicago and two other cities under the control of the Democrats targeted by the actions of a Republican President amid a surge of violence. However, the deployment of the feds in Portland, Oregon, has proven controversial. Local officials say they have increased tensions amid ongoing protests. "Law and order" were the key themes of the election campaign trump in the November elections," reports the BBC.

Topic "army trump" and its use within the United States, as well as its potential use in the political struggle after the November elections really much care about the media community. For example, here is the main theme of morning shows of the American TV channel MSNBC: "there are Growing concerns about the use of the trump "little green men". On the background of how President trump toughens its rhetoric and deploys uninvited and dressed in camouflage Federal troops to U.S. cities, invited guests of the program Morning Joe to discuss the consequences for American cities during the presidential elections, which, as already stated, the trump, will be "falsified".

In this induced psychotic break in the information field assessment, which clearly smells like crazy, but in the modern United States is the standard of political thinking. For example, a constitutional law Professor at Cornell University's Michael Dorf in all seriousness compares the actions of the President of the United States "annexation of Crimea".

Chief specialist on American topics in the authoritative British financial newspaper the Financial Times Edward Luce dedicated to the theme of confrontation of Federal agents and "peaceful protesters" the whole devastating the column under the heading "Little green men Donald trump" and instantly became a hero overseas media.

There are several conclusions that can be drawn in this context, and some of them are quite disturbing, but let's start with the funny.

First, if we compare conventional Portland and Chicago (i.e. the city is actually captured by the "peaceful protesters", which now entered or entered part of Federal law enforcement agencies to quell the unrest) with the conditional Crimea, and representatives of Federal law enforcement structures of the USA with the Russian "polite people", it turns out very bad for American journalists conclusion. If in American mythology, the return of the Crimea to Russia is called "annexation" or "occupation," and modern Portland and Chicago declared a kind of "American Crimea," which cannot be left at the mercy of Washington, themselves supporters of the "protesters", as well as local governors and mayors, accusing trump of military aggression, are the separatists, against which the President of the United States not only can, but must use the security forces and even the army.

"Approximately 58 percent of registered voters polled by Morning Consult, support deploying the military to help the police react to the protests, with 33 per cent of 1624 of respondents said they "strongly support" it, and only 30 percent oppose" reported Forbes in June, and since then the percentage of supporters of a military solution likely increased along with the number of bodies and burned buildings, and footage of another assault "peaceful protesters" the Federal courthouse is also not conducive to sympathy for the fans of street violence.

A main conclusion from this story alarming: American society continue to prepare for the fact that the elections will be held in November with accusations of fraud and that the result of the struggle for power will be determined on American streets in the framework of armed clashes with the use of the full range of weapons available to law enforcement agencies and units of the "peaceful militants". From the trump can act as a heavily armed supporters of the Republican party, and representatives loyal to Trump Federal law enforcement agencies and army units, and on the side of Biden and the "system" part of the American political establishment — "peaceful militants", some representatives of local power structures (those States which are controlled by the Democratic party) and the part of the army that remains loyal to its generals appointed by Obama or Bush.

On the one hand, this development will achieve all the hopes of Washington's world hegemony. But on the other hand, the United States is an important element of the global economy and the owner of a large nuclear Arsenal, which can not cause certain fears about the risks that political degradation of the United States creates for the rest of the world.