The foreign Ministry called "Astana in the format" on Syria effective

Moscow believes "in Astana in the format" talks on Syria effective, and intends to prevent attempts to undermine it, said to mark the beginning of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly the Russian foreign Ministry.

"As a permanent member of the UN security Council and a participant of "Astana in the format of" support the efforts of the special envoy Geir Pedersen, facilitate its contacts with the Syrian parties, including the establishment of an inter-Syrian dialogue in the framework of the "constitutional Committee". Are open to cooperation with other international players, but let's not undermine the effective working of "Astana", - said the Russian depodesta.

It stressed that Moscow is interested in soonest stabilization of the situation in this Arab country and achieving political and diplomatic settlement in parallel countering the terrorist threat.

In addition, as pointed out by the Russian foreign Ministry, Moscow will continue "to block attempts by Westerners to impose on Damascus responsible for the use of chemical weapons".

"Invalid linkage for allocation of funds for the reconstruction of Syria with so-called "politierechter". Categorically reject attempts to politicize the humanitarian aspects of the conflict in Syria. Humanitarian assistance should be carried out on the basis of the UN guiding principles. Act for facilitating the reconstruction of the liberated areas and the removal of the ATS of unilateral sanctions," - said the Russian foreign Ministry.

In Syria since 2011, the armed conflict continues. Negotiations with Nur-Sultan, known as "Astana in the format" (still the name of the capital of Kazakhstan), conducted in 2017, and January 2018 in Sochi was held the Congress of the Syrian acdialog, which was the first since the conflict began attempting to collect on the same negotiating platform broad composition of participants. The main result of the Congress was the decision about creation of the constitutional Committee which meets in Geneva and whose main task is to prepare the constitutional reform.