The foreign Ministry criticized the activities of the White helmets

Organization "White helmets" for humanitarian façade of the brand hides looting, robbery and direct complicity with terrorism, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

"Western sponsors still has not refused to support the White helmets and affiliated with the organization structures. For our part, we have repeatedly noted that for demonstrative humanitarian facade of the brand is hiding the real looting, racketeering, robbery, deliberate misinformation, staging hematic, air, artillery strikes and just direct complicity with terrorism," Zakharova said at a briefing on Thursday.

Organization "White helmets", which received wide recognition and support in the West, declared as its goal the salvation of the civilian population in combat zones, but accused the Syrian authorities of having links with extremists and conducting hostile propaganda activities.

The Russian foreign Ministry called the operation "White helmets" part of the information campaign to demonize the Syrian authorities and, in particular, laid upon them the responsibility for the provocation that gave rise to the West to accuse Damascus of applying chemical weapons and to strike blows to objects of the government troops.