Russia's Ambassador to India said about the increasing relevance of the BRICS

The threat of coronavirus represents an opportunity to combine efforts to solve common challenges in this regard, the relevance of the BRICS is growing, offering a platform for dialogue on a wide range of issues of global and regional cooperation, said Russian Ambassador to India, Nikolai Kudashev.

"BRICS was invented to fight with anyone or deter anyone, and to support the efforts of the international community on issues related to peace and sustainable development, democratization of global governance, the reform of the financial and economic architecture, the development of humanitarian contacts," the Ambassador said during the webinar "Russian-Indian relations and pandemic test of global governance", organized by the Russian expert Council of the BRICS National Committee for research BRICS and Indian Research Fund Observer Research Foundation.

"At the same time we are against any unilateral action politically motivated and illegal extra-territorial sanctions that create instability, distrust and unpredictability," he said.

Kudashev said that the outbreak COVID-19 brought many changes in life, and it is a challenge for international relations.

"Against this background, it is particularly important that the principles that form the basis of our special and privileged strategic partnership has remained the same: mutual respect, commitment to the Central role of the UN and others. Together we are moving towards a fair equitable multipolar world. That's why our cooperation continues to grow even during a pandemic... We enjoyed exceptional cooperation against COVID-19, including in terms of the supply of essential drugs and mutual support for the repatriation of citizens in distress," said he.

Kudashev said that today, "when India prepares to take the post of non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for the years 2021-2022, there is a growing expectation that we will further strengthen our coordination in BRICS at the current international agenda".

"We believe that moving to these tasks, we come to the upcoming autumn of this year, the BRICS summit in Saint Petersburg, with its solid achievements and plans that will lay the groundwork for an upcoming Indian presidency of the group in 2021", said the Ambassador.