The BEA experts analyzing the recorders of the downed under the Tehran aircraft

Experts of French of Bureau on investigation of air crashes (BEA) has completed the analysis of data obtained from the flight recorders downed by Ukrainian aircraft Tehran, said the report of the Bureau on Twitter.

"Boeing 737 "Ukraine International airlines". Data analysis of the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) and flight data recorder (FDR) is complete after four days of coordinated technical work," according to BEA.

It is noted that the Iranian Bureau of aircraft accident investigation (AAIB) "thanks BEA for accepting the request for technical assistance and for providing an excellent and transparent work with a high level of skills."

Flying in Boeing 737-800 Kiev "Ukraine International airlines" crashed shortly after takeoff from Tehran on January 8, early in the morning. Killed 176 people: citizens of Iran, Ukraine, Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden and Afghanistan. The Iranian military on 11 January said that the Ukrainian Boeing was shot down by accident, the reason was the human factor: the plane flew near the military site and Iran was taken for "enemy target", namely cruise missile. In the Iran-said that he expected attacks from the United States, in connection with which the air defense system of the country were given in full combat readiness.

Later in January the Iranian authorities said, according to the report civil aviation Organization of Iran on Boeing crash Ukrainian plane was shot down by two rockets of a class "earth-air" of small range of "tor-M1". According to the report, two missiles "tor-M1" class "earth-air" was released on the Boeing 737-800 from the North. After missile hit the plane began to rapidly lose altitude, while over the residential area, then faced an "impediment" to an amusement Park and fell to the ground. The ship crossed the football field has completely collapsed and caught fire.