In the United States has removed on video as the bear broke down the door of the house

In Ohio the grizzly bear broke down the front door of the house for a few days the video with the break-scored four million views, reports the Daily Mail.

Surveillance cameras recorded the moment. Fortunately, during the invasion, no one was home. In social networks the video became viral, gathering millions of views and thousands of comments. Someone has said, as a bear holds the door after it broke down. Then quietly comes into the living room and looks around.

"It is clearly not the first time breaking in," wrote one commenter.

"The bear came over his porridge, where's the other two?" — joked the other.

This summer in North America, the cases of bear attacks on homes of local residents. So, last week was in the hospital 54-year-old man with multiple injuries of the face after the night found in the kitchen of a grizzly. The predator hit him several times, and then fled.