Accused of beatings in the Yaroslavl colony sent under house arrest

Zavolzhsky district court of Yaroslavl was placed under house arrest two former employees UFSIN accused of beating of prisoners in colony No. 1, the defendants were released from custody, told reporters on Thursday, press Secretary of the Yaroslavl regional court Olga Kozlova.

On the eve of the Yaroslavl regional court quashed the decision of Zavolzhsky district court of Yaroslavl on the extension of the detention period of the defendants Zebowo and Nikitenko and they were released from custody. A new measure they were not elected.

"Today, at the trial the Prosecutor declared the petition for election measures of restraint, lawyers said their request, the court decided to choose a measure in the form of house arrest," - said Kozlov, noting that the house arrest elected for the term until 20 October.

Sardor Zebov previously worked as Deputy head of security of a corrective colony №8 Dmitry Nikitenko – ibid, the head of Department. According to the investigation, were both caught on video in the incident of beating of prisoners in colony No. 1 that took place in November 2016. Video was published by "Novaya Gazeta" in August 2018. According to investigators, in colony No. 1 was held custodial activities during which employees UFSIN beat prisoners with hands, feet and rubber truncheons.

The episode was included in the total criminal case about beating of prisoners in colony No. 1 in June 2017. The most resonant episode was the massacre of members of the FPS convict Evgeny Makarov. This video is also published in "Novaya Gazeta" in July 2018. Criminal case about excess of powers of office, all members of the stage set. After the scandal, the FSIN has organized around the country the special Commission to review all cases of violence in the colonies.