SK opened case due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in Omsk nursing home

Investigators opened a criminal case under article "negligence" after previously identified outbreaks of coronavirus in a nursing home in Omsk, reported on the website of SUCK in the Omsk region.

The publication "Commercial news" in June published a scanned letter on official letterhead of the Ministry of health of the Omsk region, addressed to the President oberstab region. The letter informed about the infection 19 guests gerontological Nezhinsky boarding school in Omsk. Later, the Ministry of health of the region reported that cases of elderly people hospitalized from boarding school.

According to investigators, from March to July because of the "improper and negligent" performance of their duties by workers of a boarding school were broken sanitary-epidemiological requirements that led to the infection of coronavirus infection at least 47 elderly residents of the centre and 19 employees of the institution.

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