France called the conditions of aid to Lebanon

France is ready to assist Lebanon in addressing the economic crisis as soon as the Lebanese government will hold the necessary reforms, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of France Jean-Yves Le Drian at a press conference in the building of the foreign Ministry of Lebanon in Beirut.

Le Drian arrived in Beirut on an official visit on Wednesday evening. Thursday held a meeting with President of Lebanon Michel Aoun, during which Le Drian conveyed a verbal message from the French leader with the confirmation of the willingness of Paris to provide assistance to Beirut in a difficult economic situation.

"France will always be on the side of Lebanon, but for the realization of the intentions of the Lebanese authorities should carry out his part of the work, help yourself, so we can help you," said Le Drian.

The French Minister also expressed his country's decision to continue to provide assistance to the Lebanese armed forces and the security services, noting the importance of control throughout the country by the Lebanese authorities.

Speaking about humanitarian aid, Le Drian noted that "direct humanitarian assistance to Lebanon will be transferred in the amount of 50 million euros. We will support the health infrastructure, but from the authorities is required to provide a network of medical care and the support of society in matters of health care which is currently lacking", he added.

According to the head of the French foreign Ministry, the calls of the Lebanese population in numerous mass demonstrations with demands to fight corruption, to conduct a transparent reform has not yet been heard by the authorities.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Lebanon, Nazif Heti, in turn, told reporters during a press conference about the need for early action on the part of the Lebanese government in carrying out reforms and adopting measures for the implementation of assistance at the conference "the Cedar".

International conference in support of the economy of Lebanon "Cedar" was held in Paris in April 2018. The participating countries decided to provide the country with a few low-interest loans. All Lebanon was supposed to receive almost $ 12 billion over several years, including 4 billion from the world Bank for a period of five years.

"The visit is associated with France's commitment to support Lebanon and help to overcome the challenges that he faces. Originally, however, overcome the crisis is the responsibility of Lebanon, and it is important in this regard to implement reforms," said Heti.