The HSE will develop the far Eastern digital multiuniversity

Higher school of Economics will develop the far Eastern digital multiuniversity on the basis of the Sakhalin state University, the signing of the Memorandum took place with the participation of heads of the Ministry of education and the Russian Academy of Sciences, the press service of the University.

"The HSE will develop multiuniversity in the far East. Today, online have signed Memorandum of intentions on realization of this project. The document was signed by the rector of HSE Yaroslav Kuzminov, the Governor of the Sakhalin region Valery Limarenko, as well as representatives of leading universities in the country with the participation of Minister of science and higher education of the Russian Federation Valery Falkova, President of RAS Alexander Sergeev and Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Vladimir Knyaginin," - said in the message.

The Memorandum assumes creation on the basis of the Sakhalin state University far Eastern digital multiuniversity — project for cooperation of regions, organizations of the real sector of the economy, domestic and foreign universities and scientific organizations.

According to the press service, the aim of the project is to attract leading researchers and practitioners on the teaching, research and field work on the territory of the Sakhalin region, and joint development of educational programs using modern digital learning technologies and academic mobility.

"Today we are all together made a very important step on the way to greater unity, to a real creation of a common educational space in Russia, and a new format multiuniversity is the best proof. The achievement of ambitious national objectives of the strategic development that each region would have a first-rate University. Without this, progress in the modern economy, the knowledge economy is simply impossible", - quotes the press-service of the word Kuzminov.

Clarifies that the project will give the inhabitants of the Far East equal access to advanced scientific and educational achievements, advanced techniques and innovative educational technologies of the leading Russian universities and scientific centers of the world level.

In the future, multiuniversity will lay the basis for the formation of new scientific schools and technology centres in the far East, and gained positive practices can be used in other regions of the Russian Federation, added in a press-service.