Matvienko praised the Russian-American relations

Russia is ready to build relations with the US under any us President, said the Federation Council speaker Valentine Matvienko during a final briefing on Thursday.

In the United States in November elections of the head of state, this post claimed the incumbent President, Republican Donald trump and Democrat Joe Biden.

"Russia is ready to build mutually beneficial and cooperative relations with the United States with any President", - said the MP.

According to her, the Russian-American relations are important to global stability and security.

She admitted that the Russian side hopes that with the arrival of trump will have a chance to improve relations between the two countries, "but that didn't happen." "Russophobic sentiment only escalated, were destroyed, many of the international Treaty," she said.

Matvienko stressed that if Joe Biden at the forefront puts the forcing of Russophobia, containment of Russia, it attempts to move away from solving those acute issues that have the United States and the answers to which are waiting for the Americans. "And these answers they do not hear," - said Matvienko.