Matvienko praised the idea of moving a single day of voting

A single election day is to leave in September, this month is the most acceptable, the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko.

"With regard to the day of voting - this theme is constantly discussed in political parties, in media, in society and so on. Once again I give my position: we have a huge country, with a large number of time zones, with different climate, and whatever we choose, whatever we day not appointed, he still will not suit everyone. There is no such a perfect month of perfect day that would be suitable for all subjects, for all regions," - said Matvienko at the press conference on Thursday.

"To discuss it, and perhaps, maybe, someone smart will come up until I believe September of all possible options, in my opinion, an acceptable month for a single voting day", - she added.

Earlier, the CEC head Ella Pamfilova said that the holding of elections within a few days will require in the future transfer a single voting day from September to another month. According to her, during several days of voting, September is the worst month, as it coincides with the beginning of the school year, but many polling stations are located in schools.