In London noted the increase in the number of new cases of coronavirus

The number of new detected cases of infection with coronavirus began to rise again in most London areas, according to the office for the protection of public health England.

According to statistics, the rate of the weekly increase in the number of cases (weekly until 19 July) increased by 18 London boroughs, fell in 14. The highest rate was recorded in Hackney and the city - 16.3 cases per 100 thousand people, while last week the figure was 5.2 cases.

Increased rate in the prestigious Royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea, shown at the beginning of the pandemic, the highest infection rate in the city, and until recently – one of the lowest. Now a hundred thousand people in the area have a 3.2 intrusion, whereas last week was a 2.6.

The lowest rate of infection in Croydon, only one case per hundred thousand people. The previous week's figure was significantly higher than one: 3.1.

London in the beginning of the epidemic has registered the largest number of new cases of infection, however at later stages the situation in the capital is much improved. Only in London, the diagnosis was confirmed in more than 27 thousand people. Antibodies to coronavirus, according to the research, there are 17% of the inhabitants of the British capital.

Recently the British government granted local government the authority, if necessary, impose local quarantine: to close stores, cancel activities, and so on. The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, however, warned that in London it will be difficult to do technically.

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